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Patricia Hindes

Upgrade TES 5.3.1 to 6.1.0 ?

Is it possible to upgrade directly from TES 5.3.1 to 6.1.0? The 6.1 release notes only seem to address "Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.1.0.

  • If is is possible, is there any documentation / guides on this?
  • If we need to upgrade to 6.0.x first, then is there any documentation / release notes on this? I cannot seem to locate those.

Afternoon Patricia

Did you ever get an answer on your question? 

Yes you CAN upgrade direct, after installation the master will upgrade the 5.3 database.   Agree with Lyndon to be very sure you have the latest version and patches.

As a side note, we still have not been able to COMPLETE the upgrade because of multiple obstacles and issues, so IMHO - it is no easy task so just be sure to plan the necessary time.

Patricia , Do you have any document doing 5.3.1 to 6.0 . can you please send to me if you do . Thanks

Thanks for the responding Patricia...  Can you enlighten me on some of the retraints your experiencing with your upgrade? 

Lyndon Siu
Cisco Employee

Upgrading from TES 5.3.1 can be done directly to TES 6.1.0.  As a suggestion, you may want to contact Cisco TAC to discuss any latest patches that have been released since 6.1 was released.

Can someone please send me a  document for upgrade from 5.3 to 6.0 . appreciate it .


I am afraid I could not locate any documentation that guides you SPECIFICALLY in upgrading from 5.3 to 6.1.

That being said, I would say that you could follow the 6.1 installation guide carefully.  The big changes are that when you do start the master after the upgrade the database will also be upgraded.  Read anything you can find on that and watch your logs.

Also, the client manager is a big change and you should read anything you can find on that.

Again, we have yet to have a SUCCESSFUL upgrade / installation.  After we do, I can send you my notes if you like.

Good luck!

Dear Patricia , Thanks for the Reply , Please do send me the note when you done with upgrade . We're looking to do this upgrade sometime in the future . Again Thanks for the Reply ,

Any Update Patricia. ?


We were able to upgrade our DV environment from 5.3.1 to 6.1.0 but the response time is SLOW.  We are trying to figure out why and what config changes we need to adjust to get a better response time. 

What are you wanting to know?

Roy -

There are plenty of areas to visit to improve performance.  However, I don't have enough information to give you a great reply.  A call to Cisco TAC will give you lots of information on how to isolate and tackle the issues.  By the way, are you externalizing the Client Manager cache database?  And which browser are you using?

Yes we are externalizing the Cache Database on an MSSQL DB.  I've tried IE8 and IE9 and will try Firefox tomorrow.  Is there going to be a significant difference if i use Tidal on IE8 or IE9? 

Roy - One thing to keep in mind is that not all user activity in the TES 6 client "are the same" -- not every click generates the same type of processing -- depending on what action you are taking.. it will help Cisco TAC determine/isolate the bottleneck.  Your best bet is to reach out to Cisco TAC & describe what you are doing/seeing and they can help identify the root issue.  However, for your browser question, in my experience IE 9 is much faster than IE 8. 

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