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Upgrading TES to 6.0.3

Lumi Mihalcea
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I am trying to figure out what kind of hardware I need for upgrading to 6.0.3 and looking over all the docs I have, I am not sure which way to go.

Currently I have

Win master with Oracle DB

4 PS adapters

1 email adapter

1 Win agent

1 Unix agent

1. Win master - I figured Server 2008, 64 bit with 12 GB RAM

Win Client Manager - Server 2008, 64 bit with 12 GB RAM and 20 GB+ of space; I plan on looking at Fault Tolerance next year...

Would this set up be good enough for the upgrade or should I increase the RAM?

2. On pg 66 of the guide it says 'if the minimum system requirements have been met, the Client Manager can be installed on the same machine as the Master'.

So I am looking at only 1 Server 2008 server, 64 bit with maybe 20 gigs RAM for both master and client mgr?

Is anyone running this in production right now? What are the pros and cons for #2? How many jobs a day?



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Lumi - I have setup both options for clients and in my opionion either way works. To save costs #2 is best but can you tell me how many CPU's you will have and around how many jobs do you currently run?

Hi Brian,

I am getting close to 500. I need to request new servers that's why I am trying to figure out what I really need.

If it were me knowing I wanted to go with FT later next year. Opt for #1 because that would give you the needed hardware (minus a smaller server for the Fault Monitor) when you go with FT. Your specs are high for 500 jobs but it's always good to spec high for growth.

Design wise I can help you road map this out for today's upgrade and tomorrows FT solution going with #1.

Check out my profile and email me.

High Level Solution with the hardware your looking at.

1 Windows Master

1 CM Server

2 Databases (one for Tidal and the other for the CM)

When you want to go with FT

1 Windows Master w CM installed

1 CM Server (also your backup Master)

2 Databases (one for Tidal and the other for the CM)

1 new smaller server for FT

What you gain here is two masters both having a CM on them which then gives you HA options for the CM component by using a LB to balance the load between the two CM's,

Patricia Hindes
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Level 1


In your post you state:

"On pg 66 of the guide it says ..."

I have been searchingfor documention on the upgrade/installation and cannot find anything.  Where did you find the "guide" you refer to?

We are currently running tes 5.3.1 and will need to upgrade to the new 6.1 version, but i have heard that we cannot go direct, but rather upgrade to 6.0 then 6.1.

I was looking at the Installation Guide ver 6.0.1 from the I was not aware that you have to upgrade to 6.0 then 6.1;my understanding is that you upgrade directly from 5.3.x to 6.1.

On Cisco's site you need to go to Support - Downloads and look for the Tidal software latest updates - download the zip files

I had downloaded every version but the 6.0.1 and didnt see any documentation in the zip.  I am downloading that version now - thank you.

We also want to go directly to 6.1 from 5.3. I read one post on another user group that said you could not. 

I hope that someone will post of their experience in upgrading direct from 5.3 to 6.1, otherwise I will update when we find out more ourselves.

Back then the idea was that I can go directly from 5.3.x to 6.0.3, but now with 6.1 out, I am not sure.

6.1 has 2 files, one of them is the doc: That should give you all the guides.

On page 1 of the 6.1 release notes, there is a section titled "Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.1.0", but no reference of 5.3x to 6.1.  That also concerns me.

Oh, forgot to mention: in the previous versions, look for the folder 'doc' in the zip file

Joe Fletcher
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Level 1


Going back to your original post, be aware that the client manager eats memory. It will barely start in anything under 8Gb RAM and, depending on the complexity of your schedules and number of interactive user sessions you can quite easily add another couple of GB per user to that. I'd suggest that if you can, give it its own machine. This, for example, is a process listing from my DEV T6 instance Client Manager with just a single open session.


19022 tidal               8759M 3927M sleep   59    0          6:22:45 0.0% java/97

You'd probably be better putting the master and database on the same box and having CM run elsewhere.


Thank you! We're going to keep them separate.

By the way, now that 6.1 is out, can I upgrade from 5.3.x directly to 6.1 or do I have to go to 6.0.3 first?

I've just done an update of the master from 6.0.3 to 6.1 on my test system and it took almost a whole 2 minutes.

That being so I wouldn't say having to go via 6.0.3 to get to 6.1 was really that much of a hurdle, if it is indeed the case.

Adding that amount of time to the process would not be a concern to most.

You CAN upgrade from 5.3.1 to 6.1. We are looking to add this to the installation document.


You are referring to 6.0.1. You should use 6.1 and not 6.0.1.

Sorry about the confusion guys..


-Tidal TAC