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Upgrading TES to 6.0.3

Lumi Mihalcea
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Level 1


I am trying to figure out what kind of hardware I need for upgrading to 6.0.3 and looking over all the docs I have, I am not sure which way to go.

Currently I have

Win master with Oracle DB

4 PS adapters

1 email adapter

1 Win agent

1 Unix agent

1. Win master - I figured Server 2008, 64 bit with 12 GB RAM

Win Client Manager - Server 2008, 64 bit with 12 GB RAM and 20 GB+ of space; I plan on looking at Fault Tolerance next year...

Would this set up be good enough for the upgrade or should I increase the RAM?

2. On pg 66 of the guide it says 'if the minimum system requirements have been met, the Client Manager can be installed on the same machine as the Master'.

So I am looking at only 1 Server 2008 server, 64 bit with maybe 20 gigs RAM for both master and client mgr?

Is anyone running this in production right now? What are the pros and cons for #2? How many jobs a day?



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Thats great news John, thank you.

Do you have an estimate as to when the documentation will be updated?  We are looking to have our QA environment upgraded within a month.

Also, can we use our existing QA and production licenses for the upgrade?

Hello John,

I just got an email regarding the new TES ver which seems to be a full install. Earlier I was told that I can upgrade from 5.3.1.x to so I was waiting to see what documentation will be posted regarding that. Now that the new version is out

1. - can I upgrade from 5.3.1.x directly to Can I expect any issues?

2. - is there some documentation regarding this upgrade?


You can upgrade from 5.3.1 to 6.10.133. The upgrade instructions should be included in the Installation and Configuration Guide under the 'Upgrading Components' section.



here is my today's experience... :

6.0.2 and 6.0.3 where "soft" regarding memory usage.

6.1.0 is most voracious, even 16GB won't do it for both Master and CM on the same server...

i just sent a post to check if some Java settings or other tricks can help, but it seems to be a good idea to have seperate master and CM servers...

as for other tricky things, Powershell jobs, JDE connections, SQL connections are difficult to set up on the 6.1.0.

last but not least, you'll have to activate the command line interface from the shell AND from the web client to succeed in submitting CLI jobs, varset, jobmon, etc.


Fred from France.