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Stephen Gonzales

What are your OPTIONS available for job groups (if currently running)?

              Before I open a ticket with vendor, I am just wondering if anyone else has run into this.  We had many job groups (options tab) set to IF JOB IS CURRENTLY RUNNING  "defer until complete" on the options tab.  Now that option is gone, and what is left if SKIP or RUN ANYWAY, both options being unacceptable for our needs. We are on  Could someone on an older level, check and let me know what options are available for a job group options tab for "if job is currently running?" Thanks!

Lumi Mihalcea

I am on, planning to upgrade. The options I have are: Run Anyway, Skip, Defer until normal and Defer until complete. This does not sound good!

Thanks for the response.  I have opened SR 627564665 with Cisco for this.  Will post when I hear something.

Had a meeting with CISCO.  I was told that the defer options have never worked for job groups (only for individual jobs), so the options were removed from job groups.  They are planning on putting them back (working ones this time) in either 6.2 or 7.0. In the mean time, it was suggested that we use a combination of variables/events/actions to keep one day's job group from starting if a previous day's is not complete.

I have gone through this pain already. The variable option will not work if you have the jobgroup kicked off by a file event and you drop multiple files simultaneously. Waiting to see the feature appear again(hoping it will work this time)

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