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Why is CWA Web Service Adapter truncating REST message at the end?

Web Service Adapter:
Web service adapter will succeed at times and for majority of the time it will not.  When receiving the REST package, json, the last two curly brackets of the message is truncated. 
Error returned is:
"EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT": {"PROCESS_INSTANCE": 0,"LASTUPDDTTM": "","EV_PYCFIL_STATUS": "","NOTES_254": ""},"EV_ERROR": {"ERROR_CODE": "2","ERROR_MESSAGE": "Failed to Parse JSON string for for Package: EV_PT Document: EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT_DATA Version: V1. (2,1033) EV_PT.Integration.PostPayCycleFileAuditData.OnExecute  Name:OnRequest  PCPC:1579  Statement:31"}}
Per the listener, the message it received is the following:
{"EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT_DATA": {"EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT": {"PROCESS_INSTANCE": 7654321,"LASTUPDDTTM": "2017-11-03T18:19:00.000000-0400","EV_PYCFIL_STATUS": "R","NOTES_254": "Received from Bank"},"EV_ERROR": {"ERROR_CODE": "","ERROR_MESSAGE": ""}
On successful responses, this is the response:
"EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT": {"PROCESS_INSTANCE": 7654321,"LASTUPDDTTM": "2017-11-03T18:19:00.000000-0400","EV_PYCFIL_STATUS": "S","NOTES_254": "Sent to Bank"},"EV_ERROR": {"ERROR_CODE": "0","ERROR_MESSAGE": "No Error"}}
And this is the sent message, again per the listeners logs:
{"EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT_DATA": {"EV_PYCFIL_AUDIT": {"PROCESS_INSTANCE": 7654321,"LASTUPDDTTM": "2017-11-03T18:19:00.000000-0400","EV_PYCFIL_STATUS": "S","NOTES_254": "Sent to Bank"},"EV_ERROR": {"ERROR_CODE": "","ERROR_MESSAGE": ""}}}
As you can tell, in the good package, the last two curly brackets are there, in the bad one, the message is truncated and stops too early.  Not sure why.  From Postman I can send the message correctly and every json validator I have checked says it is a good json string.  The main thing I also noticed, is that when the job runs, under the logs for the job, there is a new tab, Run Info. Under this tab there is a Request body field. The Web Service field has the two curly brackets there, but under this tab, the Run Info tab, they are missing. I am guessing that somewhere between parsing and send the message, Tidal drops the last two curly brackets.
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