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WSRP and newScale

Ignacio Orozco
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We would like to have the ability to use the portlets created in newScale and used the them in an external system.  Could WSRP be used to achieve this? How do portlets work within newScale?

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It looks like JSR 286 and WSRP 2.0 portlets could get along. You'd have to figure out how to do that though. Here's the relevant info from the Cisco docs:

The Cisco Workplace Portal front-end uses Apache Pluto 1.1 libraries as the framework.

Portlets developed using APIs which meet the Java Portlet Specification (JSR168, JSR286) standards

may be deployed along with Service Portal. Once deployed, these will appear in Portal Designer as

“Third-Party Portlets” and can be added to portal pages. For more information on how to maintain JSR

portlets and other content in the Portal Manager solution, refer to theCisco Service Portal Designer


And then some information from the JSR-286:

JSR-286 is the Java Portlet specification v2.0 as developed under the JCP and created in alignment with the updated version 2.0 of WSRP.[1] It was developed to improve on the short-comings on version 1.0 of the specification, JSR-168. Some of its major features include:[2]

  • Inter-Portlet Communication through events and public render parameters
  • Serving dynamically generated resources directly through portlets
  • Serving AJAX or JSON data directly through portlets
  • Introduction of portlet filters and listeners
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