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[IOT FND] [API - Issue] Delay between "issueLastUpdateTime" and query avaibility ?



I have a script who poll every minute the issue endpoint to forward the events to an external tool.
The only query parameter is 'lastUpdateTime>XXXX-XX-XX XX:XX:XX:XX:000' (where XXXX-XX-XX XX:XX:XX:XX:000 is the last time we poll the api).

And it seems that sometimes the script miss some events for an obscure reason, if I restart the script with a timestamp before the missed events, the events are seen and send correctly to the external tool.


Since the script poll the api every minute, i think that the events are not returned by the api directly but there is a small delay ( 30s ? 1min ?) between the "lastUpdateTime" and the availability by the api.


Example of what i think happen :

[2020-12-30 04:00:00] the event is closed at "2020-12-30 04:00:00"
[2020-12-30 04:00:30] a query with "lastUpdateTime>2020-12-30 03:59:30" doesn't return the event but should have.
[2020-12-30 04:01:30] the same query is send and return the closed event now (small delay between the closed issue and availability in api ?). The closed event has "issueLastUpdateTime=2020-12-30 04:00:00" so it should have been returned in the previous query.

Is there someone who could confirm me that there is a delay between the "lastUpdateTime" field value returned by the API and its availability through the API please ?
Does this delay is hardcoded ? (batch update) or does this delay depend on external factors like the load average of the iot fnd VM etc.. ?



Best Regards,

Cisco Employee

Although in FND code, there isn't any delay configured for the above scenario, there will be some delays internally but shouldn't be a lot.

The factors affecting it are:
1) Is the script running on the same server as FND? If so, there could be a small delay between event time and committing to the database
2) if script is running on a separate server, is it time synced to the same source as FND server.
3) is the issue being closed manually (in GUI by user intervention) or automatically (by backend code). time to process and commit to DB may vary slightly.

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