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IDSM-2 Configuration using VACL Capture

Hello Guys.

good Morning....

I need help and i have few questions for configuring my IDSM and also IPS Appliance.

As you know cisco 6500 does not support more than 2 session of SPAN, so this option i do not have to configure for IDSM. both these sessions already utilized and in use.

Now the option left is VACL Capture. Here are my questions.

1) We have Core Layer (VLAN Interfaces and STP Server) Swtiches, and we have Datacenter Switches which has this IDSM-2 installed and also IPS Appliance connected. now i want to configure VACL Capture for this IDSM-2. i tried to configure for my IPS Appliance the VACL Capture does not work. i am not receiving any traffic(packets)  on that capture port where IPS Appliance is configured/connected.

My questions is Do i have to apply this VACL Capture on the Core Layer where all the SVI's are ? or it will work on Datacenter Switche also where there is no SVI for that VLAN which i want to monitor?

2nd Question. if the requirement for VLAN Capture is to configure it on the SVI's switch how can i send this captured traffic to another switch where my IPS Appliance is connected.

Appreciate your help .



IDSM-2 Configuration using VACL Capture

Dear Altaf

By default the VACL will send traffic on the switch it is configured, to send it remotely you have to combine VACL and RSPAN. However this will again create issues with your 2 sessions limitation (if I understand your scenario correct).

Why don't you move to module to the switch where the traffic needs to be monitored? Btw, seems to be a strange design, if the SVIs are on the Core switch, then what is the purpose of the DC switch?



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