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IPS 4.1.5 Upgrade to 5.0 failure

We have a very old 4215 we are trying to upgrade for our lab.

When applying the upgrade to 5.0 we get:

Rack1IDS(config)# upgrade
User: cisco
Password: ********
Warning: Executing this command will apply a major version upgrade to the application partition. The system may be rebooted to complete the upgrade.
Continue with upgrade? : yes

Broadcast message from root (Wed May 12 09:17:17 2010):

Applying update IPS-K9-maj-5.0-1e-S149.
  Shutting down all CIDS processes. All connections will be terminated.
  The system will be rebooted upon completion of the update.

Broadcast message from root (Wed May 12 09:17:34 2010):

Error converting config.  Install aborted.

The error doesn't give us anything to work with - just aborts - then freezes and requires a power cycle to come back.   I've searched the forums and can't find anyone who has experienced the same issue.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Cisco Employee

Re: IPS 4.1.5 Upgrade to 5.0 failure

Since it's running a very old version of code, you might as well reimage the IPS to the latest code 6.0.6(E4). It will wipe out the config, however, shouldn't be too difficult to quickly setup the IPS again as there will be minimal config that needs to be done.

You might need to upgrade the BIOS and ROMMON as well if you are running old code of IPS.

Here is the BIOS and ROMMON upgrade steps:

Here is the reimage steps for your reference:

Hope that helps.