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Quality of Service on Catalyst 2960x



I'm trying to understand the qos maps on Catalyst 2960x in order to implement on my network for voice application.

I've set the dcsp value to 46 for the voice application in Windows with group policy to prioritize the voice traffic along with traffic path up to the firewall .


Could someone please help me to get an idea on how this can be configured on Catalyst 2960x in order to prioritize this through Access, Distribution and Core layer's switches up to the ASA firewall?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Quality of Service on Catalyst 2960x

Can you share how your switch is connected to your fw? Trunk? Routed? Svi?  Also why do you aant to implement a service policy between your switch and fw. Usually its done on the edge on bandwidth limited wan links mostly. Can you elaborate.

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Re: Quality of Service on Catalyst 2960x

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your quick reply.


The access layer switch is connected via trunk up to core switch (C9300) .The core switch is L3 in which the svi is configured for all vlans.


please see below the attached network diagram,


We are using talkdesk and twilio, so I need to prioritize theses 2 voice application on our network in order to resolve poor call quality.





Re: Quality of Service on Catalyst 2960x


Trust your DSCP at the edge of QoS domain (the ports facing the trusted PC), also on all of the uplink (the ports facing 2960X / C9300).

You have done the QoS marking at computer, so you could just leave the 2960X with the default queuing setting. It should treat DSCP 46 into the output priority queue (please verify using 'show mls qos map').

At the core switch, you may want to configure MQC QoS (class-map, policy-map) to let DSCP 46 packet fit into PQ and specify certain minimum bandwidth guarantee.

Finally, apply the service-policy into the down-link and to the WAN links.

Re: Quality of Service on Catalyst 2960x

Thanks ngkin2010

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