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seed file problems on MARS - trying to discover seed devices on the fly

I just set up a seed file with 1 device included (as a test) for MARS - the device is a Cisco router - seems pretty simple - the seed file only has the device name, type (IOS) and IP address fields included - all other fields are empty. I'm trying to get this seed process working before using a more complete seed file (several hundred devices).

But when I try to add the device to MARS using the seed file as the input, I get a long pause - "discovering devices" - af ew minutes - this eventually times out with an error - tells me "discovery takes a long time" - and "to check the console for device status info", etc. Nothing gets added (so far, that I can see)

I don't even want MARS to discover these devices right now - just want a quick way (i.e. seed file) to bulk add them as reporting devices and I can tweek them later if need be.

Any hints / tips here would be appreciated.




Re: seed file problems on MARS - trying to discover seed devices

crap - I think I just figured out (part of) the problem....

I specified "\" in the ftp path info on the d/l instead of "/". MARS did not complain, simply stalled for about 4 or 5 mintues and then produced a somewhat ambiguous / useless error message.

Debugging the log file on the ftp server side is what clued me in.

Chalk one up to brain-dead user, but even so, MARS could / should do a better job of erroring out on a simple typo like this one.


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