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2651XM with only 128 mb dram and 48 mb flash getting CME / IOS from CCO? or someone send me a copy of Old IOS/GUI files?


We have a client that has an emergency and not much money to purchase a nice new 2900 series router and NM-CUE so we are trying to quicky use the 2651XM that was running SRST for CallManager server that was offsite to run CME.

So here is the lowdown - I am going batty trying to navigate and figure out which IOS I can get installed that will support CME with 128 MB dram and 48 mb FLASH.

CCO mostly has 4.1+  CME files but I think I will have to go down to 3.3 CME to support my 2651XM.

Trust me I have spent a few hours trying to figure this out and the IOS's on CCO want 192 MB.

I know I can get more memory for the support but that isn't an option at this time - anyone have an OLD 2651XM that is running CME 3.3 that they can send me the IOS and the GUI files from the flash??

Since it looks like the IOS versions that ran 'back in the day' on the 2651XM within 128 mb are no longer posted - if anyone has a lead on a archive of the CME 3.3 files (IOS, GUI) please reply to this message.


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