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3825 CME 7.1 - Memory Problems. Need to identify exact cause. Please help :(


Hi Gang,

I've got a customer with an older 3825 in India, they had 256MB DRAM and 64MB CF. We upgraded the CF to 128 so we could support IP VOICE 12.4(24)T IOS. I found a document on CME 7.1 that shows the recommended DRAM to be 384, but it uses the word "recommended", I am unable to locate a minimum number.

Customer will have approx 65 phones connected, some custom dial plans for intra-office call routing but that's about it.

During some DM configuring the engineer claims the router crashed with a "Exceptional memory dump" error, he also claims to have called TAC and been told it was a memory leak. The customer wants us to be certain of the problem. He's reluctant on upgrading the memory if the problem is with the existing 256MB DIMM.

Is anyone familiar with the "Exceptional memory dump" error? What are the typical symptoms of a router running out of DRAM?

Any help would be appreciated.



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paolo bevilacqua
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Update IOS to 15.(1)M3 that is very stable. You can do that with the same memory that is installed.

This said, memory upgrade is very cheap from third party, and should be done concurrently.

Thank you that's great response. However the customer is looking for a definitive answer as to why we experienced the "Exceptional Memory Dump" error. If someone can confirm that error is NOT associated with running out of memory I think I'll have enough to report to the customer with.



I think TAC findings should be taken for correct unless proven wrong.

The IOS they are running is (according to me), a poor choice for CME.

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Thank you, i appreciate the help. We'll make the IOS change and upgrade the memory if we experience additional problems.

I just realized 15.0(1)M3 IP Voice requires 512MB DRAM so that won't work. Is there a 12.4 version which is stable with CME 7.1 and only requires 256mb DRAM?

Thanks again for the help.

- Mike

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