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4.13 to 6.0 upgrade device unit license problem



We have a CM 4.1.3 on MCS 7825-H3. I took the database with DMA 6.0. Then i've installed CM 6.0 and pushed database over FTP while installing the CM.

When it was installed, i looked in "device unit report" and it was -292(negative 292). i installed 100 units license and it became -192. And i can't register new phones.

Is it normal or where is my fault?

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Rob Huffman
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Hi Murat,

I have worked with a couple of people here who ran into this(a negative - value in the DLU Licensing). In both cases they had not ever received the Permanent DLU License file from Cisco after the DMA Migration.

Migrating from Cisco Unified CallManager 4.(x) to 5.0(x) same for Migration to 6.x :)

When you migrate from Cisco Unified CallManager version 4.0(x) to 5.0(x), the licenses that are required for existing phones and existing Cisco Unified CallManager nodes is calculated and an intermediate file (XML file) that contains these license counts will be generated during the Cisco Unified CallManager migration process. These licenses are given free of cost because you are already using these phones for Cisco Unified CallManager version 4.x. If you are provisioning new phones and nodes after migrating to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0(x), you need to paste the intermediate license file in the License Registration window on CCO.

Use the following procedure to register existing licenses and request for new licenses.


Step 1 In Cisco Unified CallManager Administration, choose System > Licensing > License File Upload. ***(On the new 5.x or 6.x build)

The License File Upload window displays.

Step 2 Click View File. A pop-up window displays that has the license information for existing phones and nodes. Copy this information. To copy the contents on this windrow, you can use Ctrl-A (Select All) and Ctrl-C (Copy).

Step 3 On the License Registration window of CCO website, in the text box provided, paste the file contents using Ctrl-V.

Step 4 You must enter the MAC address of the Cisco Unified CallManager server that you are requesting the licenses for, and a valid E-mail Id.

Step 5 To obtain the actual license file, click Submit. A license file is generated.

Step 6 You must upload the license file to the server with the matching MAC address that you provided in Step 4.

So they needed to complete this step;

Send an email to;

With this;

*Subject - Upgrade from 4.1(3) DLU License File Required

Company Name

Company Address

Company Phone

Contact Name

MAC Address of Pub/First Node

Please find attached the output from our DLU License Calculator

***(this is just an example)***

CTI Port 0 40 0

Cisco 12 S 2 1 2

Cisco 7902 1 1 1

Cisco 7905 2 9 18

Cisco 7920 4 1 4

Cisco 7935 3 1 3

Cisco 7940 4 10 40

Cisco 7960 4 1 4

Cisco 7970 5 1 5

Cisco ATA 186 1 4 4

Cisco IP Communicator 3 1 3

Can you please forward the license file as soon as possible :)

From this thread;

Hope this helps!



I had this same issue. You should have received a PAK ID on the upgrade DVD you got from Cisco. I registered that PAK, got the license back, uploaded it to CM and then everything started working.

You will probably notice in your licensing report you don't have a Software Version. After you upload the upgrade license you do.

Just a clarification and a summary, if I may.

You have to follow Rob's directions to get you out of the negative. The DMA utility only created temp license.

E-Huntley is talking about a second required license called the CallManager 6.0 feature license. Without that the CCM and CTI services will not start on your cluster. The feature license has nothing to do with the device licenses.

Ahh yes, you are correct. I am trying to block the experience out because it was so painful.

I emailed Cisco licensing with a valid order/serial number so they could verify my information and they sent a real license file for the DLU's.

And then the feature license will make the services keep running.

So you will need both

The 10th time doesn't get much easier. lol.

Cisco knows about the "problem".

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