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500 voice ports cisco unity connection HA

Youssef Aoufi

Hi all,

We are configuring a cisco unity connection Cluster with high availability and licenses for 500 voice ports.

The problem that we are facing is on the voice mail port wizard, i cannot add more than 250 ports.

I guess we have to create two new voice mail servers and add 250 ports to each one. Am i right?

what we have to do to integrate both voice mail server with the phone system on the unity connection side?

Any help is much appreciated

Kind regards

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Correct, it is max 250 per each UCON server, so you need to build 2 groups.

To make it easier on yourself use SIP integration as there will be no need to build these on CUCM side. Only SIP trunk.



+5 for Chris. Chris is spot on here..Its great when you do SIP integration. So I recommend that.

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Gregory Garrian

For further reading:

"A Connection cluster server pair supports up to 20,000 users. In this configuration, both servers can support up to 250 voice messaging ports each for a cumulative total of 500 voice messaging ports when both servers are active. If only one server is active, the port capacity is lowered to a maximum of 250 ports."

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