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6945 "Network Unavailable"

Got a weird issue that I have seen in the past but can't remember what I did to fix the problem.  I have one phone out of many on CUCM 10.5(1) that is showing "Network Unavailable" when the user powers down their laptop at the end of the day.  This laptop is of course, using the LAN port on the phone for network connectivity.  Has anyone else run into this issue before?  I don't see any of the other phones having this problem.  I can't find any relevant bugs for the firmware, and even if it was the firmware, why would this one phone only be experiencing this issue?


CUCM: 10.5(1)

Phone Model: 6945

Firmware Version: SIP6945.9-3-3-2


Any insight would be appreciated.  I need to add this to my long running smart book once I figure this one out. 


Hi Brandon

Found an old bug CSCtr09039 for similar issue with 6921s.

Check that the LAN switch is set to auto speed & duplex


Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.

Yeah, they are all configured the same way and aren't changed from the default for the section of the building.  I'm going to swap it and see what happens.


Similar problem with an 8851.  Deployed 100 phones, one phone sat in "Network Unavailable".  Moved it around to different switch ports and it magically started working.  

Later, sitting and working connected to the LAN through another phone all of a sudden lost my connection.  Looked over and this phone is now saying "Network Unavaialbe".  Checked the switch ports and all is correct and looking like the other 99 that are working. 

Did you ever find a fix?




Is this phone using the same firmware as other phones? Also, from the switch side, what do you see with show inter x/x status?


Any thing in the logs?


Figured it out.  Bad jack in the wiring closet.  Someone moved cables an bumped mine.  So connection was good enough to get an power, but not full connectivity


I have also run into a similar situation but with 8851's.  Replacing 7945 phones in a building that you may call old, which wiring that has been there for a long time.  I get the "Network Unavailible" error message.

I have had to do various things to fix

- Reseat cable between patch panel and switch

- Replace Cable between phone and wall jack

- Replace Cable between patch panel and switch

I have noticed that the phones come with Cat 5e, and often when I have to replace cable, it is CAT 5. The main difference is between the two types of Cat is the Cat 5e has changes to deal with Crosstalk.

I am dealing with a situation now where their is no wall jack but just a cat 5 cable dropped through the ceiling and run back to the switch.  Cat 5, I plug in and get the "Network Unavailible" message.

I am curious on peoples throughs on using Cat 5 vs. Cat 5e with these phones?  Cat 5 shoudl work fine, shouldn't it?

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