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Cameron Whitehead

7800/8800 series phone on MRA talking to jabber client hold drops call

When we have a 7800 or 8800 series phone connected over MRA and it is on a call with a user on a jabber client if either end point puts the call on hold the call drops when the call is taken back off hold.  Has anyone seen anything like this before?


Hi Cameron,

Does this only affects calls involving the 7800/8800? Does this affect jabber to jabber calls too?

If its only the 7800/8800, then I will suggest that you first of all upgrade the firmware on the phones to the latest one and if you are running the latest downgrade and then test again..


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Hey Ayodeji,

I have only seen it between 7800/8800 phones connected to jabber clients.  Jabber to jabber works fine and 7800/8800 to 7800/8800 phones work fine.  Also works fine if the 7800/8800 phone is not using MRA.  I am currently on the latest version of firmware but I can try to downgrade it to the previous version and see what happens.

Sounds possibly like a codec mismatch. What codecs are negotiated on Jabber to Jabber, Jabber to 88xx and 88xx to 88xx?



Can you please tell us how and why you  think putting a call on hold and resuming it is codec related.

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I have seen issues before when a calls goes on hold the session parameters (sdp) are changed to communicate with the MOH server, when the call is retrieved for some reason an MTP or Xcoder is required but not available. e.g DTMF/Packetization size/a-law to u-law/G.722 to G7.11 etc. The call is therefore dropped.

I'm not saying this is the case but the symptoms sound similar.


Now we have to go deep. We need to look at the logs to see why this is happening. 

Can you please enable diagnostic logs on expwe and c. Can you also enable debug for cucm logs. 


Reproduce the issue and attach all the logs here. Please include  calling, called number and time of call 

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

I believe this is the reason why MRA for 78XX/88XX is still in preview mode and not supported by TAC. I know the issue had to do with HOLD, however i recall the call had to be on hold for some time and then when retrieved there would be one way audio.

Hey Chris,

There was for sure a but with HOLD for any call over 25 min put on hold and resumed gets one way audio but the issue I am having is even different.  If the call is only 1 minute old between a 7821 or 8861 (those are the only two phones I have to test) and a jabber client then if it is put on hold and resumed then the call is just dropped.

Cameron Whitehead

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay on replying on here but it looks like the issue has something to do with our internal firewall.  We plugged the 7821 into raw internet and tested again and had no issues.  Our firewall expert is on training right now and will be back on Monday so we will have them take a look for us then and I will come back here and report.

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