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7800 persistent MRA credentials after factory reset

Brendan Ord
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We have a customer with some 7841's deployed at a remote site that has site-to-site VPN connectivity to their CUCM cluster.  The VPN went down, and they moved to using MRA during this and enabled "User Credentials Persistent for Expressway Sign-In".


Now that the VPN is back up, they need to move back to normal registration (as to support barge-in features with Finesse).  We advised to factory reset the phone via keypad method, and remove the Phone in CUCM - allowing for self-provisioning after the reset.


Each time they factory-reset it, the phone reconnects to Call Manager via the Expressways.


Is there something I've missed as it seems like the MRA credentials are being stored in the phone and remaining even after a factory reset.


Note, that once the phone self-provisions again via MRA the "User Credentials Persistent for Expressway Sign-In"is disabled by default.  The users claim they are NOT putting these details back in, nor is the phone prompting for them.

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Brendan Ord
Level 1
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Found it!


They had the persistent credentials enabled in the Common Device Configuration.


So, once this setting was Disabled for the phone, it's dropped the saved credentials - but, still has another issue of registration.  Unrelated.


My next question is to help understand the behaviour; What conditions need to be met for the phone to attempt MRA registration?


As far as I've read if the phone doesn't get any TFTP server details it'll go to MRA Login page.  However, will it also attempt MRA if the TFTP server is unreachable?