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7921G/7925G Call in Progress issue


First off, I want to say that I've been working with TAC on this issue for slightly more than three months now, and want to reach out to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and what has been done to resolve it.


Since we upgraded from CUCM 8.5.1 to CUCM 9.1.2, our 7921 and 7925 wireless phones will have an issue where if they go out of the service area for any amount of time, when they re-associate they lose the ability to place calls.  When a call is attempted to be placed, the phone says Call in Progress... and it never completes.  The phone is able to receive calls and is shown as registered in the CUCM.  Additionally, the phone is both able to be reached by ping and the phone's webpage works as well.  This issue is usually resolved by rebooting the phone.

What we've done to date to try and resolve this:

When the CUCM was upgraded, the phone went to firmware 1.4.4.  The first thing TAC suggested was upgrading the firmware, so I received an image for 1.4.5ES.1.  The problem persists with this image.

Lots of debugs have been taken from the phone, and recently at a suggestion of TAC, when the phone was in this state they suggested either toggling the network profile on or off or turning on the site survey mode.  When I attempted this, the phone began to work again without needing to be rebooted.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to resolve it?  Our users are at a point where they want to get rid of these phones, which I don't blame them one bit for, however up til this upgrade they were rock solid and I'd like to get them functioning again.


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Riyas ATM

Can you please share how you fixed this issue

We are still running CP7925G-  I believe the issue was on the wireless controller, but cannot remember for sure what I did to fix this now.

We run a Cisco wireless network. I have heard from another company that runs a different brand wireless network that the issue they ran into was that the 7925 phones try to use a channel which is not available in the US and was causing a similar issue as I originally described.  Not sure what they did to fix that, however.

Ahh would have been gold if you remembered the fix.

We run Cisco wirless network as well.

I have raised a TAC and wireless side of the tac have over ruled wireless being the issue here as we noticed that phone does not loose the wifi network whilst the problem happens.

Since then I have not heard from the TAC... not being very helpful.

What version of CUCM you are running?

Ajay Viswanath

Can you check if "Disable Speakerphone" option is checked, if so can you uncheck it and check.


Rate if it helps

I tried this, but din help !!!

Network Systems

Did you end up fixing this issue? We are having the same issue when we upgraded 7925's firmware from to

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