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7921G Wireless Stuck in Docking Mode



I have UCM installed running firmware version on my 7921 and 7925 wireless phones.

Since updating, an issue has appeared in which the 7921's will switch to docking mode when placed on our charging cradles (expected, of course), but when removing it from the cradle, it will not switch that mode off until the phone is rebooted.

I'm assuming this to be a bug in the firmware, since I've never had this issue before AND it's happening on all of my 7921 phones but not the 7925s (no docking cradle). I can live with waiting for an update to correct the issue, but I'm seeking a workaround for the time being.

Is there a way to universally disable the docking mode permanently in UCM or on the devices?

Is there a way to manually switch that mode off?



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We are running into the same issue.  For us, when the 7921 phones don't come out of docking mode neither person on the call can hear each other.  A reboot of the phone fixes it temporarily until its set back in the docking station.

I've also found in our case that this is so far limited to 7921 models with certain hardware revisions - 2.6 and 4.6.  I've since downgraded back to for those inparticular and the problem is resolved.  I've left the rest on to see if they start to experience the issue also. 

I have a case open with Cisco so we'll see what they say.

I opened a case with them after not getting any responses on this thread. It's good to know I'm not alone though, and that's an excellent observation on the hardware revision. Looks like two of the phones reported with this issue are hardware revision 2.6, so I'm betting you may be onto something there. I'll post any feedback from TAC on this thread.

Arvind Mohan

Please add one more, I am facing this issue exactly the same as described. Including Phone hardware version 2.6 and 4.6 with CUCM version on 7.1.3


Well this is interesting... I tried to downgrade my firmware versions to and 1.4.3SR1.2, and the issue persisted on my HW 2.6 test phone. However, when I did a factory reset (Settings > Phone Settings > **2 > Yes), the issue disappeared again.

Next, I upgraded back to and the issue did not reappear. So, I upgraded back to, and this time around it works!

From there, I took another phone with, and did a factory reset on it. Issue is gone.

I'll be testing throughout the day to see if the issue returns, but it looks like a factory reset is all it takes to fix this bug.

Hi Guys,

I also have this issue, does anyone know a quick way to factory reset 350 phones

Cisco provided a test firmware to run on my phones - CP7921G-1-4-5-SR4547-N.  I've been running it a few weeks on some of our production phones and it seems to be resolving the issue on most of them, even without the factory reset. Unfortunately in our situation, this bug does not always occur right away.  We've attempted some of the other supposed fixes which seem to work at first, but weeks later the problem starts occuring again.  So far this N firmware has been the most promising.

Well that's good to hear. At least I can expect some results when it gets released. The TAC person I had been working with hasn't responded to me in two weeks, so I'm a bit angry about the matter.


Hi Guys,

The issue you are experiencing is associated to a know defect ID CSCul23643  “792x audio path is set incorrectly after undocking”


792x audio path is set incorrectly after undocking.

May see that the icon remains after undocking or the headset icon will be displayed.


Using the 792x phone with the corresponding docking station.


Toggle the audio path via the speakerphone button or power cycle the phone.

Reference link


This defect should be fix on firmware version 1.4(5)SR1.1


Jorge Escalante

Is there an ETA on 1.4.5SR1.1 being released?

I Hope it's released soon as it's making life hell to keep switching the phone to speakermode and back!

That's great news, but it's been over a month now and no sign of this update being available. Is there an ETA on this? Can TAC issue it through a support case?

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