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7925g - BDU (bulk deployment utility)

I am trying to set up some 7925 phones and was going to set up the WLAN via BDU. When the phone is powered on, it grabs the wlandefault.xml. However, after it grabs it, the settings are not what was configured in the BDU. I have saved as default via BDU and made sure my tftp dir was correct.

Example of difference: XML is set to PEAP, but phone shows OPEN after downloading the xml. SSID is correct and other settings are correct as well.

Two things I was able to change via http direct to phone was Validate Server Certificate changed to NO and Export Security Credentials to FALSE. Appears default for server cert is yes and export credentials is true. That seems to allow my other settings to work correctly.

Now, I can't find a place in the BDU to change these settings.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: 7925g - BDU (bulk deployment utility)

I'm guessing we must of had a problematic mfg load on the phones out of the box. They were from an order quite some time ago. There were 5 of them and they all did the same thing. When trying a new batch of phones, the bdu acted as expected, like previous phones did.

Not sure why those 5 particular phones had issues, but the new batch of phones are working with bdu great.

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