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7925G driver for Windows 7

Is there a driver for windows 7 for the 7925G phones?

Jason Wiatr
Cisco Employee

There is no USB installation program for Windows 7.

From the readme for USB-Install-7921-7925.1-0-2a

This USB installation program supports the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G and 7921G on the following operating systems:

- Windows XP
- Windows 2000

Hope this helps,

Jason Wiatr

This is outrageous.  Windows 7 has been out long enough for Cisco to get on the ball and get their stuff compatible.  I'm tired of having to tell Win 7

customers and IT folks (and me for that matter too since I have Windows 7) that they cannot do their jobs because Cisco hasn't got their stuff straight!!

Come on Cisco!  This is frustrating!

I understand and agree that cisco and windows don't go well along, but regarding this particular case, what the driver actually does of important?

I ordered the phones with an USB cable but never used it. I do all the necessary configuration from either the phone, or CME.

Connecting the wireless phones via the USB allows you to configure the network settings.  You can use the phone's web page to enter in the data for network settings, or import a saved configuration file (which is much faster).  Once the phone is connected to the network, then it can download its xml configuration file from CM for the rest of the phone settings.  I would hate to have to configure 100 phones manually (via the phone itself) especially with a 24 bit encryption key!  No way!! :)

Has there been any update on this that anyone knows of? Just upgraded our machines to Windows 7 and this is going to be a huge hassel.

Any chance you could send me the install file?
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I've used the USB for 7925G.  Let me warn you that it WILL NOT work on 64-bit Windows 7.

Products > Voice and Unified Communications > IP Telephony > IP Phones > Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series > Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G > IP Phone Tools and Utilities-1.0(3)

yeah were on 64-bit here. Guess ill be setting these up the hard way

Robert Prideaux

Microsoft is telling the world to go 64 bit - and Cisco sticks its head in the sand and says "Cisco or nothing" - any wonder they are in financial difficulties.

Yes, 64 bit drivers are a pain as they are a near complete re-write - but is a DRIVER, not a 3 million line accounting app.

Basically I am not going to offer the wireless phones to my clients; if they want them, I will source another brand.

Maybe Cisco will get the message before it is too late - this is exactly why IBM went down the gurgler; arrogant management who thought they could build and sell PC's like they did the "Big Iron": as we used to call their Mainframes... shame the world said a 3-5 year release cycle for a simple PC was a no go, especially when everyone else did it in 3-5 months.

Hi Robert,

I'm no phone guy.  I just found out about the 32-bit driver from someone.

The most probably reason why Cisco isn't keen on designing a 64-bit driver is because for the lack of uptake.  Cisco is recommending users to use the BAT instead. 

OK, you got me, what is the BAT?

BAT stands for Bulk Administration Tool.

I'm no expert with VoIP so I will try to get this right:  Basically, the 7921G/7925G/7925X and 7926G come with a "basic" wireless configuration.  The BAT will allow you to prepare a config in the background.  This config will tell you what your Wireless settings for the VoIP is, security and ecryption setting, CUCM IP address, etc.

You power up the phones I mentioned above, it will look for this generic WLAN SSID for Voice, download this config and reboot. 

Sounds like a "good thing", especially if you need to deploy a number of them; have to admit though, I had never come across it before.

All my 'general' config work I do with CCA...

At the risk of annoying you more

is the BAT only available with the "upmarket" systems (as in above the UC500 series?) or is it a tool I have just overlooked in the AP. I restrict them to the inbuilt AP's in then 540/560 and run extenders using the AP541N.

BTW, I am very, very grateful for your insights - learnt more from your 2 posts about this than months of asking Cisco...

So much for not being a "phone person"...

So much for not being a "phone person"...

Sorry.  Your questions are now out of my depth of knowledge. 

Maybe the link below can be of some assistance:

Bulk Administration Tool User Guide, Release 5.2(1)

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