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7940 and 7942 Phone will not wipe

Hoping that someone has some insight into this issue and can assist. I have two phones that were previously configured for end users who are no longer with my company. Normally I would use Call Manager to delete these phones and the phones would then wipe the configuration. However, in both of these instances the phones will not wipe and instead retain their configuration with extensions still configured. In call Call Manager I have confirmed the phones and their extensions are no longer present. 


I have attempted factory resets on both phones, but this does not cause the phones to wipe either. 

Furthermore, the phones are still functional in that calls can be made using these phones. 

Are there any additional steps that can be taken to wipe these phones, or are they simply phones that I will no longer be able to use?

Thank you, 



This is to just make sure that I am clear: You did a factory data reset, the phones booted up, downloaded the firmware from the TFTP server and they reconfigured as the extensions they were formerly? I have to say that is a new one on me.

It might help to know a little bit more about your environment to start though. PUB/SUB? Multiple SUBS? Are you deleting the configuration in the GUI from the PUB or SUB? It could be that you are removing it from the SUB and the PUB is retaining the information.


Other than that, I think your best option at this point is to remove those MAC addresses from the database, via CLI and a SQL command. For some reasons those MAC's are staying in the system on the database and retaining their configurations even though they are removed in the GUI. 




Thanks for your reply, and I believe this is helpful. To answer your question:

1. Yes, I did a factory reset by unplugging the Ethernet cable and holding down the # button. I then went through the button sequence to complete the reset, selecting "no" to keeping the current configuration. 


2. Concerning the PUB/SUB question, if I'm answering honestly, I am unsure. Is there a simple way for me to determine this information? 

I can confirm however I am using a GUI to make all configuration changes to phones in our company. Up until these two phones I have not had any issues with phones wiping if I delete them via the GUI. 


3. I believe you may be correct in that the MAC addresses are being somehow retained in the database, because when attempting to re-purpose these phones, I am unable to add them because I am advised that they already exist. Can you advise on how to delete the MAC addresses from the database via CLI?


Thanks for your assistance. I am fairly new in role, so my knowledge on what is set up (for ex: PUB/SUB) is limited. 



Before we get to deleting anything directly from the database, because that can be highly risky let's start with this:

What version are you running? Sign into the GUI >>> Help >>> About.

As for PUB/SUB in the ccadmin GUI

System >>> Server >>> Find

All of your Call Managers will be displayed and if you go into each one it will tell you database replication position, either Publisher or Subscriber. 

Then go into the CLI and type: utils dbreplication status. (I don't know the size of your shop, but depending upon how many phones you are running and the condition of your servers, you may want to run this command after hours. It does not effect any changes on the system)

Your Publisher, Subscriber/s will show and you are looking for a 2 on all to make sure there is good replication.


When you reply, reply with all that information above we can figure out which one you are logging into. There are a lot of really, and I mean really knowledgeable people on this forum and that will give them the information they need to get you further along in case I can't get back to it right away.



System version:


It would appear that the server that I normally log into is a SUB and not the PUB. 


In regards to checking the dbreplication status, I would like to be cautious with this and complete this step after hours. With this being the case, I am unsure at this time when I will do this, especially going into a holiday weekend. Please advise, is there a average amount of time that this should take to complete? Also, and maybe a silly question, is this likely to "break" anything?




Login into the PUB GUI and delete them from there. That could do the trick. Try that before we get into the CLI.



Good morning, 

I checked the PUB for the specific phones that I am having issues with and unfortunately neither were found. Would this be sufficient evidence to say that the PUB and SUBs are replicating as they should be?


Also, you asked how many phones are in our environment. There are approximately a few hundred. 



I am leaning towards that you are having an issue with the Publisher in general. The Publisher runs the database and it seems as if nothing is getting written to or deleted from it. How long has this been going on? Have the servers been restarted within the past year, or are we going for a record?

You will probably need to do some CLI investigation tonight and some after hours work. 


Have you used RTMT (Real Time Monitoring Tool)? If so sign in and look at the alerts. It should tell what the issue is. If not, let me know and I will walk you through using that. A very, very good tool to monitor issues and it will e mail you issues if you set up the alerts.


Sign into serviceability: https://xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx/ccmservice/ and check to see which services are running on both the PUB and the SUB. Tools >>> Control Center - Network Services >>> Select Server (You can do both the PUB and SUB from here, if you can't that will also point to a communication error between the PUB and SUB) and then Tools >>> Control Center - Feature Services >>> Select Server

Take a screen shot and/or write down the services on all four pages, so you can compare what is running and what isn't and post it so other people can help too.


I am available most of the day today to help you. There are a ton of experts on here that have an amazing amount of knowledge that can help you as well if I don't get back to you right away, but the more information you post the easier it will be for them to jump in.


Good Luck!





Checking DB replication status should only take a minute or two and it will not break anything, but read my other post first.

How many phones on your system? 

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