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7941 unable to boot


I am attempting to install new 7941-G-GE phone and all I get is the green speaker light and on a regular basis the handset, lines and mute buttons will blink. At this same time apparently it looses the connection to the switch. The LCD has not displayed anything at this point.

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paolo bevilacqua
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The phone is looking for 7941.default.loads via tftp. make sure you have and all the individual FW files on TFTP server. Also make sure you're giving option 150 in dhcp.

Option 150 is set in DHCP and the files related to the 7941 appears to be in the TFTP directory.

If you have a tftp debug option on server, enable it. The file is term41.default.loads, I have mistyped that before.

If everything fails, connect phone to a pc with tftp32d.exe where you set option 150 and copy the needed files.

The tftp debug points to a timeout issue. I will attempt to create a local TFTP server.

The TFTP server has been created and equipped with the files; still there is no progress with the phone. DHCP has also been updated to point to the TFTP server for option 150. The TFTP server does not show any activity from the phone but has been accessed to confirm that it is operational.

What I do in similar cases, is to install tftp32d.exe on a pc, directly connected to phone.

That gives you the ability of doing dhpc and tftp server with a single machine, and monitoring all what the phone does.

If you can notice that it sends dhcp packets, it means it's not dead, just a matter or giving the correct replies it wants.

Sorry for the inconvenience. My bad in incorrectly checking the wrong switch for IOS ver. Apparently this test switch was not upgraded and had only 12.1. I placed the phone on our production side and it booted up. Thanks for your assistance.

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