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7941G stuck in firmware upgrade loop

I have a brand new 7941G phone that we attempted to change from SCCP to SIP for testing. We placed the contents of the firmware zip file into a tftp directory and pointed DHCP option 66 to that tftp server and started the upgrade process. The phone grabbed the term41.default.loads file serveral times over several reboots but now it appears  to be stuck in a loop. It no longer tries to pull any files from the tftp server, it just sits with the upgrading screen and then occasionally reboots itself. It is getting an IP address, so that we know is working.

Any ideas?



Hi Raaed,

Check your DHCP config.

Provide option 150 in DHCP config.

option 150 will point to TFTP server where all TFTP files are stored regarding phone firmware.

If you are using CUCM as TFTP server and dont have any other TFTP server in network put CUCM ip in option 150 in DHCP.

then  power cycle the phone.

there is  a small catch in the firmware upgrade,

as CUCM upgared we can not go from 6.0 to directly to 8.x, similarly for phones we can go direct upgrade we have to go for itermidiate firmware and then to go to latest firmware for e.g. 9.x firmware set.

So just check which firmware you are upgading to and see what is base firmware required to upgared to new one on Cisco website where you download firmware.

hope this will be useful

thanks all

its work now.

I am going to have to contact an ingeneer to help me out with this because I am more confused now

Thanks from Russia! You really save my day!


Hello to all,


Is there any way to present a new IP for TFTP server to the phone during upgrade loop. I have a client who bought this phones 5 years ago and then somebody tried to convert couple of phones to SIP and then those are stuck in upgrade loop. I don't know IP address of old TFTP server so I need somehow to change it to new. 


Is this possible at all?


Thank for all the help in advance!!!

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