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7942G missing "test open" command from debug

We are attempting to deploy LSC to the phones in our network and we are having issues with certain older SCCP phones not working if they contain older ITL files. 


We have quite a number of them (300+) and therefore do not want to walk around and clear the ITL manually.


We are trying to SSH into the phones and delete the ITL via the "test" command but the command seems to be missing from the debug menu.


Our method is as follows:

Turn on SSH in CUCM and set the username and password for the phone in question.

Log into the phone via SSH with said username and password.

Log into the debug mode with debug as the second login name, and debug as the password.

Entering the command  "test open" then enter.


All we get is "Command not found."


We have also tried logging in via the "default" username and that won't accept the password of "user" anymore and offers some sort of one-time-use "challenge:" before the "password:" field.


We are running CUCM 11.5.1 and one of the phones is a 7942G running SCCP42.9-4-2SR3


Are we missing some setting similar to the SIP setting "telnet_level=2/telnet_level=Elevated" but for SSH in CUCM?

We wish to run a script with the following commands but are unable to because the "test" command is missing from the debug menu.


test open
test key set
test key 4
test key 5
test key 2
test key **#
test key soft4
test key soft2
test close

Did Cisco remove this ability from the phones or do SCCP phones simply not work with this method?


Am I missing a step somewhere? Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it?


Thank you for any help you can offer.

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