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7942G will not boot


I have a 6942 given to me, but when power is applied (via POE or power adapter) all the lights flash then the "Speaker" light comes on and that's the way it stays.  I tried powering up holding the # key, but still the same symptom.  123456789*0# will not do anything either.  There is no display, just the speaker light is on.  Is the phone dead?

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Jon Van Deurzen

Were you ever able to get this working? I have run into this too and have no solution.


There was a case where after a power outage some phones were not working anymore and the speaker light stayed green. Customer had to RMA. If this is a new phone, sounds like DOA which means an RMA is needed too.



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Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

It is not a new phone. The phone is 3+ years old. No warranty or Cisco support on it at this point. I am just frustrated because I have seen this more and more lately with some of my older phones. It seems when it is "hard reset" that sometimes they just don't come back. It can get rather expensive.

No, nothing so far.  I would tend to lean in the direction of testeven & Jon.  It's an old phone and out of warranty so like Jon said, "It seems when it is "hard reset" that sometimes they just don't come back".  And that's a bummer.

We are also experiencing this problem more regularly now as we upgrade the switches on our network.

It doesnt appear to be related to the network devices PoE supply, things point more to the telephones having an issue when we remove them from power for at the longest 10 minutes afterwhich we replug the network cables. In our case, they've been running for a longer period of time, up to 6 month even 1 year without power down.

Like those in earlier posts, the above problem can add up to a couple of thousands dollars if this continues. Be interesting

to find out what component is having this apparent heat-related (warmth) problem.  I'm not too sure if any preventative measure can be taken here, ideas?

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