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7942s keep rebooting possibly after device pack installed


We recently installed device pack cmterm-devicepack7.1.3.33024-1.cop.sgn

We are not sure this is the issue because we had a larger outage that same day that caused all phones on a particular call manager to reboot.  Now it seems all 7942s ONLY are rebooting after a CTIOS agent hangs up a call.

This is not happening on non-ctios agents.  This is only happening with CTIOS agents after they hang up a call using CTIOS.  The phone then reboots and kicks them out of ready.  We are confident we are dealing with a device issue but not confident it is related to the device pack install.

Has anyone run into this same situation?

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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

appears like a bug in 7942 firmware version. Did you check for bugs for that firmware version ? Btw, what is the firmware version shown on 7942s post installation of device pack ?


We investigated some possible bugs but only came up with one so far related to ICMP redirect.  The current code we are running is 8-5-3s and still is running that.  We installed a device pack but didn't install code for 7942s only the 9971s. 

The bug we found was the following:

memory leak leading to kernel panic and phone reboots


79xx Phone creates core file and reboots


79xx running 9.0(2) or 9.0(3) (possibly other versions as well) SIP or SCCP.
ICMP redirects to the phone causes memory leak


Disable ICMP redirects in the network

However we are not running any 9 code and to me this bug would hender all 79xx phones. 

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi there,

Is it possible to downgrade the firmware on one of the phones having

this issue to the old firmware? Just to eliminate or include the firmware

causing this.



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