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7945 not registering to CUCM 11.5

Normally we configure CUCM for something like a 8841 but in this case it's desired to use some older phones.


The Cisco 7945 gets an ipv6 address and has ip connectivity with the CUCM since it can download firmware and configs.


When the phone is configured manually, the phone downloads the SEP file with it's mac address. It updates locale then thinks about it briefly before going to unprovisioned. The phone's set up on CUCM has a DN, so it should not be that.


When configured for auto-reg (the preferred method), it fails to download the ram/SEP<macaddress> file as expected then downloads the default xml file. It configures unified CM, then goes to registering for a split second, then starts over again at configuring an ip address. The ip address information in the default xml has been verified.


I've does factory resets, tried multiple phones and cleared the trust lists. I only see traffic on port 6970, it never gets to sending a registration on 5060. It feels like it's close, there is just some little detail I'm missing.

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