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7945s won't update firmware

Ahead of our upgrade to CUCM 10.5, I'm trying to push the firmware to our phones to minimize issues during the cluster upgrade.  I've been able to push the firmware to our fleet of 9971s with no issue.  But, when I try to push the firmware to the 7945s, i just see a generic 'error' message on the display and the phone loads and registers as normal.

What's interesting, because the default load file was updated as part of the firmware COP file, when i force a factory reset on one of them, it pulls down the all the files, no issue.  But, when it tries to pull down the SCCP loads file, it just stops, and throws that error message.  TAC has been looking at it, but hasn't come up with anything...

One other oddity that's just shown up, also - we are in the process of deploying a third-party provisioning tool that interacts via AXL.  What's happening, though is the config file is 'corrupt' and the phone never registers.  Delete it and create it manually, everything is fine.  It seems to be limited to our current version of CallManager (9.1.2 SU2a).  The vendor was able to recreate it...not sure if it's related, but it's just a very strange coincidence...


Anyone else come across issue(s) like this yet?



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