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7960 Registration Rejected CUCM 9.1.2

I found some 7960 phones that were never used in our bench stock. I configured them in CUCM but they continue to show "Registration Rejected". When I go to settings> status> status messages I see the following "TFTP File Not Found", "Load ID incorrect", and SEPDefault.cnf. I have uploaded ( under OS Administration> Software Upgrades>Install/Upgrade the following firmware from the cisco site: cmterm-7940-7960-sccp.8-1-2SR2.cop.sgn. Then I restarted TFTP services on the publisher and all 3 of the subscribers in the cluster but the device default setting for the 7960 phone never updates. It has the following firmware as the default: P0030801SR02. Is there something I'm missing here?

Dennis Mink

did you add the phone  in CUCM as SCCP or SIP?

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The phone is a SCCP.


not sure if you already have other 7940/60 on your cluster, 

first check what firmware is currently on the phones you are trying to add, if these are the only 7940;s then you can change the device defaults (device>device settings>device defaults) and match the value there with what is already on the phones.  alternatively, you could go into 7940 the phone and hard set the phone load name with what is already on the phone, that way it wont need to up or downgrade its FW.

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Thanks Dennis! This is what is so unexplainable. All other 7960 IP phones in our Domain have the default app load P0030801SR02. They register no problem. Its just these two phones that I have a problem with. These are new phones never used before. They were sitting in our bench stock and never deployed. What I also mentioned here is why didn't the new firmware replace the default load. I can't seem to understand why. I tried to reset to factory default. Hold down # key when headset , mute, and speaker buttons light up but these phones never go to the reset screen. 

The problem with using these phones is explained here:


We are now using CUCM ver 9.1.2. This fix does not work with this version. Sad to say we have to salvage these phones.

Dennis I found the link below that explains what the issue is. I am now using cucm  ver 9.1.2 apparently this phone that shipped with the firmware P003AM30 loaded is unable to upgrade due to file size issue.


Thanks for you help though.

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