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7961 On/Off Hook Issue

We have had a lot of on/off hook issues with this model of phone. I was wondering if there could be a setting either in CME (through the CLI) or on the phone itself that would cause a 7961 to ignore the status of the on/off hook trigger underneath the handset. Here are two brief scenarios that the users experience with the phones:

  1. Inbound call rings to a 7961. User picks up the hand set and hears nothing. User sees the line ring on the hard button to the right of the screen. User hits the button and is able to answer the call. According to the description, the user is then able to talk through the handset.
  2. User goes to make an outbound call. User picks up the handset and hears no dial tone. Enters the number they desire to contact, then presses the "dial" option on the bottom of the screen and the call completes the outbound call. Users are used to picking up the handset and simply dialing like an analogue phone from home.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Realistically I prefer that, but renewing smartnet for 800 phones is something I just can't sell to the business.

jfinkbiner, I found a couple of phones that were not on the smartnet contract, and my place does not want to get any more in the contract. I want to get those parts. Please tell me how you did. Did one supplier work better than the other? which parts did you replace? and was the replacement done on 7961s or which other model. Does anyone else have any feed back after replacing the parts? Thank You All.

We purchased the little rubber eyeballs from

They were really inexpensive.  We purchased others from somewhere else, but they are no longer in business.

We have replaced them on 7940, 7941, 7960 and 7961 telephones as problems have been reported.  I always date the inside of the phone when I have replaced them and haven't had to do it more than once.  It has been at least a year.  The problem for us appears to be mostly on telephones that are not used frequently.

boussioss, great and thank you again. I tried but it does not look like they have the part for 7961. I will probably proceeds with dvd-inc, and let you all know too.

We bought the one part and used them on all of the phones.  It doesn't appear to be a problem.

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