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7961's connected to unmanged switch

Hi all,

So I have 10 Cisco 7961's that were using power bricks which we replaced with a cheap POE switch. The POE switch is then connected to a Cisco 2950 on FA0/30.

My question is since all phones are now connected to the un-managed switch - Can I set the FA0/30 port config on the Cisco switch to access mode vlan 1(default ) and voice vlan X. Will the port carry all the traffic for the 10 phones and connected PC's in access mode or does it need to be in truck mode?The Cisco 2950 is connected to our core switch with a fiber cable.



Are the phones actually working? if so what ip address do they get , my hunch is that they will get a ip address in the data vlan as the unmanaged switch will not have any voice vlan configured , unless you have already done so.


To answer your question to pass data from  both vlans to the cisco 2950 it will need to be trunked , but you will need to setup both the cisco and the unmanaged switch , does the unmanaged switch support dot1q?

The phones do work and they are getting the proper IP address. We are upgrading to a new IP phone system in the next few weeks and  I wanted to verify that changing the port config (updating the VLAN) with work with the new system.


Basically I want to know if applying the below config to FA0/30 will work on the current setup  :


IP Phoness > Unmanaged SW > Cisco SW FA0/30

sw port mode access

sw port access vlan 1

sw port voice vlan x

spanning tree


I have included the current port config FA0/30 which is connected to the unmanaged switch that is working right now:

interface FastEthernet0/30
 switchport voice vlan 2
 mls qos trust device cisco-phone
 mls qos trust cos
 auto qos voip cisco-phone
 spanning-tree portfast



Its abit hard to tell , normally if you want to trunk between switches you need to enable dot1q trunking on both ends i.e the cisco and unmanaged switch.I would be interested to know what vlan the phones think they're in , you can find this from the phones under network settings.

Do you have PC's daisy chained off the back of the phones or are they plugged into different ports, also do they use the same subnet range as the phones?

I'm guessing the unmanaged switch has dot1q enabled by default, the phones are working fine and are getting an IP address from the correct subnet. Any PC connected to the phone has the correct IP address(different subnet).

I have tested the new system on a different switch with 2 phones and it has worked good...again I'm thinking if I can change the port config to:

sw port mode access

sw port access vlan 1

sw port voice vlan x

spanning tree


I believe in theory is should work. The Cisco 2950 is connected to a 3560 which is set up to receive the new VLAN. The real difference is that I am connecting 10 IP phones through 1 port using the unmanaged switch.

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