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7965 Phone VPN


Can someone shed light on where in UCM the setting is so an ip phone (7965) can have "vpn" enabled on the phone? 


UCM Version is

7965 Firmware version is SCCP42.9-3-1SR2-1S


I did not setup our environment to work with VPN and have very little insight.  But I have a 7962 that has no issues connecting to VPN from Internet and register to UCM.  I added a 7965, essentially "mirrored" the Phone Setup of 7962 (including the Common Phone Profile that is used for VPN phones).  However while I can register 7965 if i'm on corporate LAN, when I try to connect direct via internet it won't register and I see via phone security settings the VPN is "disabled".  If I plug the 7962 in over the internet, it asks for user/pass and upon insertion it is connected over VPN.


What is preventing the new 7965 from having VPN "enabled"?





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Gordon Ross

If, in the VPN profile, you have "Enable Auto Network Detect", try de-selecting this. This should allow you to manually select VPN.


My limited experience shows that the auto detect feature is quite crude. If the phone thinks it can ping the IP address of the server, it will not kick in the VPN login, and instead, just sit trying to register.



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Thanks for reply.  Yes   Auto Network Detect is enabled.

Disabled Auto Network Detect,  Applied to config, reset phone.  VPN won't allow to manually "enable" in IP phone settings.

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