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7965s losing connection over the DMVPN WAN


    I have a 7965 hanging off of an 881 router that is using a cdma card. The connection seems nice and stable for data but, the phone loses it's dial tone after a while and doesn't come back..  We have qos configured on the 881 for voice. I can provide the config if you like. Pings average 89 ms.

By the way, we are having problems also with 7965 phones that are connected to 881s with Comcast Business service as well. No nearly as bad but, sometimes the 7965s will get stuck in registering mode. Has anyone seen these behaviors?

Thanks, Pat.

Hall of Fame Master

Which FW version the phones are running ?

What do yo do to re-establish connection ?


Load File is SCCP45.8-3-3SR2S

Boot Load ID is tnp65.8-3-1-21a.bin

I don't do anything to re-establish connection. With 7965s that are connected to an 881 that is tied to a Comcast Business line, they usually come back in a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. The 881 that has a Cellular Internet connection was down for hours... I suspect as it was down most of the work day. When I came in this morning it was up again. I have the device on my desk for testing before we deploy. Yesterday was the same. I came in the morning and it was up but, after about 2 hours it went down and didn't come up for the rest of the work day. Then, this morning it is up.

I just noticed that even though the device is up, the time is 4 hours off.

Thanks, Pat


You can update firmware as a good measure, but phone down means network down, or at least no connectivity to call manager.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!



I can ping the address of the phone from my PC that is on the corporate network even when the phone is not up.

I rebooted the router and did get this message. VLAN 30 is the Voice VLAN for this remote device.

Jul 11 08:47:15.043 EST-DST: %OSPF-4-NO_IPADDRESS_ON_INT: No IP address for interface Vlan30.

Thanks, Pat


But your PC is not the Call Manager.

Maybe revise your routing configuration carefully.


Yes, that is true but the phone does sometimes come up. Are you suggesting that there is a intermittant routing problem?

Is there a ping utility in the Call Manager?

thanks, Pat.


Correct. CM keeps logs, and int there you would see that it hast lost connection with the phone (keepalive expired).

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