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7975G when in SIP mode, rebooting every 2 minutes.

We're testing a 7975G with the SIP software, using a non-Cisco SIP server (Asterisk).

Running version SIP75.9-2-3S using TCP as the connection transport.

If there is no activity on the phone (incoming/outgoing call for example) the phone will loose the registrations of the SIP accounts it is currently logged in to, go to "restarting" and so what can only be described as a soft reboot and come back a few seconds later.

If you use the phone in this time, it prolongs this activity but still happens around 2 minutes if you're inactive after that.

Here are some logs from the phone web page:


    12:53:53p No Trust List Installed

    12:53:54p SEPxxxxxx.cnf.xml

    12:56:18p No Trust List Installed

    12:56:19p SEPxxxxxx.cnf.xml

<< between these entries, we made a call and then had an incoming call >>

    1:07:13p No Trust List Installed

    1:07:14p SEPxxxxxx.cnf.xml

    1:09:38p No Trust List Installed

    1:09:39p SEPxxxxxx.cnf.xml

    1:11:53p No Trust List Installed

    1:11:54p SEPxxxxxx.cnf.xml


In addition, sometimes in a call, the error "UCM down, features disable" will show but the call will remain active. After hanging up, the soft-restart process appears to occur again.

On both instances, after the soft-reboot, the phone logs back in and the process continues.

As we're using a non-Cisco server, support from them is limited and after trying everything possible, we've come to a point where we don't have any further ideas.

All I can think is that "something" is timing out after 2 minutes but there isn't anything set on the SIP server (we've tried 2, different software) and any config lines that were set to 120 seconds in the cnf.xml were changed to various values without any change.

Any help, guidance or solutions would be appreciated.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Maybe the phone expect OOD keepalives.

This forum doesn't discuss third-party call control. Try asking on

Yes, that I know but I am not after support for any server, the support required is for the phone which has already been determined as the issue.


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