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8831 CME10.5 Fast Track

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Level 1

I am trying to setup my 8831 phone on my CME10.5 4321 router. I know you have to do the fast track mode. I tried a few configs I found online and all seem to end up the same way. My router does not generate the .tlv files (not sure if it is supposed to). It does generate the SEPAC44F214B5E3.cnf.xml according to the tftp-bind however it looks like the phone is looking for a signed version of this file along with other files that do not seem to be generated. My IOS is 15.5 and Im using 9-3-3-5 firmware for the phone (which is never requested by the phone, maybe it is already there not sure) Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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Evgeny Izetov
Level 1
Level 1

Your config looks very close to a working config that I have. The one thing you might be missing are the bind commands for sip under voice service voip. I'm almost sure it wasn't working for me until I added those in.

 bind control source-interface xxx
 bind media source-interface xxx
 registrar server

Thanks I will give that a try later on today.

So I figured out the .tlv files are only needed for security, and if they are not present it proceeds without them.  I decided to take smaller steps and see what I could come up with.

I took a 7941 phone, loaded SIP firmware, and was able to get it registered no issue. This proves my SIP setup is correct and working.

I then took a 8841 phone and using fast track configuration very similar to the 8831 setup I got it registered and can make calls between the 7941 and 8841 without issue.  This proves that a very similar fast track setup works.

I am requesting a different 8831 be brought to me to rule out the phone having issues itself.  If that is not the case, I am at a complete loss here.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

After I defaulted the phone it no longer looked for the .sgn files so now it finds the xml file and downloads it.  It looked for a few other files that I have and all is good here.  My issue is these .tlv files.  It can't find any of them and I am not sure what they are or how they are created.  Can anyone please shed some light on that aspect?