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8845 bluetooth pairing and extension mobility

Hi all,

We just bought a couple of 8845 ip phones and want to use bluetooth headsets with these phones. We also use extension mobility to login and logout from our phones when we are not in the office.

When I login to my phone and pair my Jabra Motion headset everything works fine.

When I logout from my phone and login again, my paired headset is removed. I then have to pair my headset again before I can use it again.

With our older 9971 ip phones we didn't had these issues. The bluetooth pairing was retained during login and logoff.

Does anybody know if this is a known bug of if it is resolvable? I cannot find anything on the support forums or on google.

Hope someone can help me.

Kind regards,

Michel Kroon


Is there no one who has this same issue with these phones?

It can't be that we are the only one with this issue right?

Hope that there will be someone that can help.

Hi Michel,

I didn't find any known bugs related to this issue. Try using a different headset to see if the issue is specific to a particular headset type or the phone in general. See if you can upgrade or downgrade the phone firmware by one level and if the issue persists. Else, TAC needs to be engaged.


I have opened a TAC case for this today and this is the conslusion:

+Our database indicates that the 8845 phone model behaves like that as designed.

Hey Eduard

So the response from TAC was that the phone is designed to forget all the Bluetooth paired devices after logging out of Extension Mobility?

I'm testing firmware version 11.5 in a 8851 and keeps the name of my paired cell phone but when I try to pair it, the list of paired devices is empty.

Not a good behaviour

Best regards

Allan Mancera


I have the same issue - is there any solution available????

Hello Klaus

After a case with TAC, the solution is downgrading the phone to version sip88xx.10-2-2-16 

After this version, all the firmwares are FIPS compliant so forgetting bluetooth devices is implemented.

I've been working in this firmware version and it has been stable.

Hope this information is useful

Best regards

I'm seeing this same issue also with an iPhone paired to an 8845. Did you have any luck sorting out the issue?


I have the same issue - is there any solution available????

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