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8865 Phone Video through computer feature usage

Hello All,

I have got 8865 video phone and I want to use this feature on the phone called 'Video through Computer'.

Can anyone help with prerequisites and the use case, please.

I have referred the below link but there is no much info.

Thanks in advance

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Re: 8865 Phone Video through computer feature usage

Hi There,


I have never used this feature (I am a heavy softphone user so I do all audio/video through my PC). However, I will try and point you in the right direction and let you know how I got there:


  1. I first did some research on the feature you mentioned in the 8800 phone user guide:

  2. The user guide states you need to meet the following pre-requisites:
    1. You need the latest version of Cisco Media Services Interface (MSI) and one of the following products:
      1. Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.7(5) or later
      2. Cisco Jabber for Mac 10.8.1 or later

  3. If you have a Cisco CCO and valid contract you should be able to download a recent copy of Jabber along with the Jabber Desk Phone Video Services Interface. I was able to find a copy of the Jabber Desk Phone Video Services Interface here (version 4.1.8 if you are running Windows 10).

  4. If you also take a look at the Jabber for Windows deployment guide, there are some additional requirements as well:
    1. Review the Configure Desk Phone Video, Desk Phone Video Considerations, and Troubleshooting Desk Phone Video sections for more details.

A few additional points:

  1. Can you describe your use case? Your 8865 phone has video capabilities built in. Are you perhaps receiving a presentation share and it is too small on the desk phone screen?

  2. This method adds considerable overhead to a deployment as you now have to manage 2 software packages on the client (Jabber AND Deskphone Video Services Interface). If you want to use video on the PC you might be better off configuring a softphone device on CUCM and plugging in a USB headset to the PC.


Anyone else on the forums is welcome to hop in with their experiences as well!


Let us know how it goes!


- J

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