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88xx Visual VoiceMail Issue

Device: 8861 IP phone

CUCM: 9.1

CUC: 9.1 upgraded to 10.5

Phone Service: 8861 Visual Voicemail.

Service Details: We do have 2 VVM phone services set up.  One for all our other phones and is enterprise subscribed.  And the other is not enterprise subscribed and we use it for the 8861 phones since those require a different configuring for VVM than the other models.  Both services have the same exact DNS address entered for the server parameter.  When we upgraded from CUC 9 to 10, we had the IP addresses updated on the DNS entry.

Issue: 8861 VVM service subscribed to the 8861 phones are not looking at the new CUC server after we upgraded from 9.1 to 10.5 CUC.  They give an error that the server is not available and that is because it is trying to connect to the IP address of the old CUC publisher (the 8861 VVM service does/did not have the IP address, it always had the DNS name in it)

Troubleshooting: I was able to get the service working on some of the 8861s by doing a handful of different steps, but the process does not seem to work consistency to resolve the issue.  This included unsubscribing the service from a phone and re-subscribing it; disassociated the line and associated it, etc a combination of several things.


1 - Why if the service has a DNS name for the server parameter are some of the 'server unavailable' messages on the 8861's the old CUC pub and some are the DNS address? 

2 - Why when the DNS entry was updated with the new CUC 10.5 pub and sub addresses, the 8861's will not recognize that and connect to it properly?

3 - What is a consistent way to address all of these 8861 issues when it comes to the VVM service not working?  Since the steps I did on one 8861 addressed the issue on one phone but did not address the issue on another 8861.


When programming service follow these steps.

Let me know if helps.


  1. Visual Voicemail is supported on 8861 phone but not as a midlet.


  1. In order to use it on this type of phone, you need to create additional service and subscribe it to the 8861 phone instead of Visual Voicemail service used on other phones.


  1. Add new Visual Voicemail service

++select Device-->Device Settings-->Phone Services in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

++select Add New

++enter information in the IP Phone Services Configuration window as follows

-->Service Name: meaningful name, eg.VisualVoicemail-BE

-->Service URL: Application:Cisco/VisualVoiceMail

-->Service Category: XML Service

-->Service Type: Messages

-->Service Vendor: Cisco

-->Enable: yes

++Select Save


  1. Select New Parameter to add a parameter to the service

++Parameter Name: voicemail_server

++Parameter Display Name: Voicemail Server

++Default value: hostname or IP address of primary CUC server

++Parameter Description: Hostname of voicemail server


  1. Select Add New to add another parameter to the service

++Parameter Name: call_connect_delay

++Parameter Display Name: Call Connect Delay

++Default value: 1000

++Parameter Description: Default Call Connect Display


  1. Select Add New to add another parameter to the service

++Parameter Name: log_level

++Parameter Display Name: Log Level

++Default value: info

++Parameter Description: level of logging


  1. Save and close


  1. Subscribe Individual Phones to Visual Voicemail

++Select Device-->Phone

++Search for the phone in the Find and List Phone window

++Select the phone

++Select Subscriber/Unsubscribe Services from Related Links, then select Go

++Select the Visual Voicemail service from the Select a Service dialog box

++Select Next

++Select Subscribe


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