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8945 auto transmit video

We are set to deploy a few hundred 8945s. CUCM is set to enable video, but I'd like for every phone to not auto transmit video. I see in the preferences of the phone that you can turn auto transmit to off, which would make the user push the video mute button to enable video on the call. What I do not see is an easy way to have this option set to off by default when deploying the phones. Are there any easy solutions other than manually changing the setting on every phone?

Donald Jones
Cisco Employee

Go to Device > Device Settings > Common Phone Profile Configuration.

you can disable video and cameras from there.

Hi Donald

Not my thread, but thanks for the reply as I have the same query.

Unfortunately within "Device > Device Settings > Common Phone Profile Configuration" you can only configure whether the camera can be used or not and not the "auto transmit" feature that we need.

Has anyone got any other ideas?

For clarity I want to be able to allow an end user to use their video but not to have this automatically start by default. This is possible by selectnig

Settings > Accessories > Cisco Unified Video Camera > Auto Transmit Video

on the phone itself but we want to enable this on 2000+ phones


Well, it has been 2 years since this was posted.


Is there a way to turn off "auto transmit video" from the server?

Even though this thread is old, I'm adding to it as I got an update from Cisco.  Even in CUCM 10.0.1 this feature is not supported on 8945 phones.   You have to manually change auto transmit video on each phone.  TAC Even said there is a defect logged for this issue.  Hope this helps.   




Anyone able to figure this one out?  I am about to deploy a few hundred of these phones and the client would like to have calls default to audio only and escalate to video if necessary.  Any way to set Auto Transmit Video options from CM? 

For testing I have changed this setting manually on a few phones.  It would also be very nice if we could set it to Minimize the video on the display by default.  This way the callers could see the call information since they wont be using the video the majority of the time.

I asked TAC and they said no. With the 9971s it is possible to set this by policy from CUCM 9.0 onwards but not on the 8945's.

We have over 600 to deploy this year with each one needing manual configuration. Nice.

Hello Everybody,

Just want to give this (year old) post another update.  We are deploying 8945s and would like to also have the "auto transmit video" feature turned off on each phone.  I see Paul had a TAC case open a year ago and was told back then that CUCM 9.0 did not offer this configuration option via policy or bulk edit.  I am wondering if Cisco changed their mind with CUCM 9.1 and/or 10 on this.  Has anybody tried it with the newer versions?  Is it maybe supported then?



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