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8945 background image not working

Hello all,

Yesterday we upgraded the firmware on our 8945's so that we could enable personal ringtones and background images.

This morning I have created a background image the correct size as per the cisco website and for some strange reason it wouldnt work... Next thing i tried is adding the image I wanted on top of one of the images that does work on the phone. (Grabbed off the TFTP server)

This didnt work either... So here I am...

Resolution I used for the first image was 640x480 with bit depth of 24. Second image was the same but bit depth of 32.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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8945 background image not working

What did not work, did you get any errors or you did not see the thumbnail image?  Did you create the thumbnail image as well?

Can you post your Lists.xml file for this phone type?



8945 background image not working

Hi Chris,

Image is uploaded and list file is updated. When trying to select the image on the phone I just get the following:

"Wallpaper cannot be set. Incompatiable image size"

List.xml looks like:

Bottom entry is the one I added.

Heres the image properties of my one

Heres the image properties of one that works.

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8945 background image not working

How large is the file size?

I suggest you look at the phone console log accassable by browsing to the IP address of the phone as that will provide a lot more details.

Are none of the background images working?  Are the thumbnails showing OK?


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8945 background image not working

HI Mark,

Just to clarify what Chris asked, did you create two files?

File Requirements for Custom Background Images

Each background image requires two files:

• Full-size image—Version that appears on the on the phone.

• Thumbnail image—Version that is displayed on the Background Images screen from which users

can select an image. Must be 25% of the size of the full-size image.

Tip Many graphics programs provide a feature that resizes a graphic. An easy way to create a thumbnail

image is to first create and save the full-size image, and then use the sizing feature in the graphics

program to create a version of that image that is 25% of the original size. Save the thumbnail version by

using a different name.

The background image files must meet the following requirements for proper display on the Cisco

Unified IP Phone:

• Full-size image—640 pixels (width) x 480 pixels (height)

• Thumbnail image—123 pixels (width) x 111 pixels (height)

I don't see a (_thumb) reference here in your non-working example vs working example;




8945 background image not working

Check to make sure your xml file is set like this:


Looks like yours are switched which would be causing this to give you a wrong size error...

Hope this helps!!


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