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8961 dial delayed


i have just at the 8961 phones the behaviour:

If i enter i number (internal or external) at the Phone and press the dial button, the phone wait ca.4 seconds till the dial start.

So i changed the T.302 Timer in Service Parameters and in SIP Profile the T.302 Timer, nothing changed.

I don't have an idea for this Parameter in UCM 8.6.2, where i must change some things. Any ideas?



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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is it 4 seconds before you start to hear ringback?  If so the destination has to send a 180/183 before the phone will start playing ringback indicating the call is ringing on the far end.  If it is not a delay to hear ringback, how do you determine that the dial has started from the phone?

Hi Joe,

no. The Phone doesn't dial in this time. We checked this at ISDN Debug on the Gateways. All SCCP Phones dials as expected.



Do you have any SIP dial rules applied to the 8961 phone under the phone configuration page in CUCM?  That could make the phone wait before sending the dial string.  You shouldn't have a delay within CUCM because there are no potential matches since you already tested changing the T302 timer (inter digit timeout) and that did not make a difference.

Hmmm, curios. No Sip dial rules was impelmented and T.302 Timer is also fine. TAC Case?

The next step would be to pull CUCM traces and phone console logs when you reproduce the issue.  If you want to open a TAC case at this point and attach those items to it when you open it that would be great.

Do you got fix of this issue? We are facing same issue.

We were having the same problem.  Upgrading the firmware on all the 8961s fixed it for us.

Those who have upgraded and that has fixed the issue likely were running into the slow user interface bug,

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