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9971 camera not working


Hello Guys, i have a 9971 phone but i cannot

get the camera to work. all parameters seem fine. i activated it in system ->enterprise configuration ->cisco camera enabled.

any advice to get this working?

thanks in advance




In my issue;

Third-party switch(Enterasys) ---- Cisco 9971 SIP Phone, --- There is not camera option in accessories

I will change these parameter on switch and CUCM >> Phones.


go to the phone configuration page and at the

last lines you have the option to disa

ble or enable power negotiation

Thank you for your quick reply.

Cisco UCM >> Device >> Phone ; I searched Cisco 9971 and I cannot see power negotiation on the CUCM side.

But on the switch , this parameter is enable by the default. I will change disable on the switch side.

I attached the related fotos.

it is at last or second last line of phone config page.

click on the mac address of phone to access this.

power negotiation

Hi Folks

I suspect this power negotiation may be the reason why the camera is not working on my 9971 phones - that is it is NOT listed under the 'Accessories' menu and video-based calls to other 9971s or soft phone end-points have a blank video screen with the camera icon crossed out.

I am using a (non-Cisco) 802.3af based PoE switch so am unable to change anything power negotation or setting related on the "switch side". I really dont want to go down the power-brick route if I have a perfectly good PoE switch and the 9971+camera is proven to actually work with 802.3af based switches.

Would someone be kind enougfh to either post up an anonymised version of the relevant SEP.cnf.xml file (or at least a snippet) for a 9971 phone that has the XML tag showing power negotiation disabled - and hopefully the camera working ;-)

Thanks in advance


Well so close yet so far....

I decided to do a bit of trial and error experimentation and have managed now to get the camera recognised on the phone using the following XML tags in the SEP.cnf.xml file for the phone (thanks tketterman for the clues in your post above!!):



This is in addition to the setting, which I already had in the file:


So now the camera is recognised and appears in the "Accessories" menu and I can do things like video preview, and whilst in the settings menu, change the brightness and view area. Cool.

However I still cant get phone-to-phone video calls working - either 9971 to 9971 or 9971 to softphone end-point.

Obviously I'm still missing a key setting/XML tag somewhere in the SEP.cnf.xml file (possibly to do with video Codec or resolution settings?) so any visibility of an anonymised but "video working" version would be greatly appreciated.



Am having the same problem here. Can someone please help me on how to disable the power negotiation.

I am using CME 8.6 and my switch is SG300 series switch.

HI every body,



I try this advice, with the command over the Switch Cisco 4500 over the ports where the phones 9971 are connected and function it for me, so I already have access to the menú accesories and can find the Cisco Camera Menú.


Thanks for your advice.

Randle Rivers

I had this same problem but with about 26 phones. Was able to get it to work without making customer buy a bunch of bricks.

under the devices>phone settings:

Cisco Discovery Protocol :switch port* (Disabled)

Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP-MED):switch port* (Disabled)

Power Negotiation* (Disabled)


After this I rebooted the phones and they work great. This will not power a sidecar though.

This worked for us with Enterasys B5G124-48P2 switches. Thanks for the tip, Randle. 



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