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Webcast- Catalyst 9000

9971 Firmware upgrade issue.

evice default configured with active and inactive load.

Cisco 9971 SIP

Under device default inactive load information is : sip9971.9-2-2SR1-9

Active load information is :

I have used file:cmterm-9971.9-2-4-19.cop.sgn

After upload and restatred tftp service, restarted phones, upgrade was showing failed.

Next day, I tried with sip9971.9-2-2SR1-9, that also didnt work.

9971 Firmware upgrade issue.

Hi all,

Has this been solved? I am getting a similar issue.

I'm trying to upgrade a 9971 to sip9971.9-2-4-19 but the phone just sits there. The phone is registered, and I can use the phone, but it doesnt upgrade.

Although, via CUCM Admin I do see that the phone is saying "Download Status: Upgrading"

10 mins later it says "Download Status: Successful"

Then the phone resets and it again says "Download Status" Upgrading"

The Debug Display shows

8:51:30a DeviceImageDownloadSuccess DeviceName=SEP8CB64F57EC82 IPAddress=172.X.1X.X Method=3 Active=sip9971.9-0-3 Inactive= Server=

9971 Firmware upgrade issue.

sip9971.9-0-3 doesn’t go directly to sip9971.9-2-4-19.
I managed to get to sip9971.9-2-4-19 through a two-step process. First I went to sip9971.9-2-1 and then to sip9971.9-2-4-19.

Restarting TFTP services and

Restarting TFTP services and resetting the phone again did the trick. Thanks!


Re: 9971 Firmware upgrade issue.

Restarting the TFTP resolved the issue. I appreciate your help.

Cisco Employee

9971 Firmware upgrade issue.

Do you have the TFTP service on multiple nodes? You need to install the COP file on every node you have the TFTP service running and restart the TFTP service.


9971 Firmware upgrade issue.

We also ran into the same issue. We have multiple nodes and FDEMELLO's suggestion helped. The only other step we forgot to do was to go into the CUCM and copy over the new SIPxxxx file name (without the .load .spn etc extension) in place of the old load name. Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults

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