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Gordon Ross

99xx Load File Name

On 69xx & 79xx, in Device Settings, I can put the filename for the firmware I want that individual device to use, and the device uses that firmware.

However, for 99xx phones, I've found this does not work. The only way that does work, is via Device->Device Settings->Device Defaults, which obviously sets it for all phone of that type.

This is on CUCM 8.6

Is this a bug, feature or user error ?


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Gordon,

I hope all is well my friend!

Not sure about this but maybe this setting/feature is where

things are getting tripped up;

In-service Upgrade Enhancement

The dual-banked firmware update feature allows the Cisco Unified CM administrator to upgrade phone firmware with a new load before resetting the new load to an Inactive load status. Instead of waiting for all the phones to download the firmware, Cisco Unified CM administrators can use the Switch Loads function to quickly switch from the old load to the new load in less time. Upgrading the dual-banked firmware reduces the bandwidth congestion and the delay in download during system maintenance while allowing Cisco Unified CM administrators to determine when to set the new firmware to Active load.

Note During dual-banked firmware upgrade, the previous Active load is swapped as an Inactive load. No change is made if the new load matches with the Active load settings. If there is no previous Active load, (fresh install), the Inactive load setting is empty.

A new area in Cisco Unified CM Administration Device Settings Configuration allows you to change the Active load and the Inactive load. Go to Cisco Unified CM Administration > Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults > Dual Bank Information area to change the load.

The In-service Upgrade Enhancement feature is supported on these IP phones running the SIP protocol:

Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961

Cisco Unified IP Phone 9951

Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971



PS: Thanks again for all your additions for the CUCM comparison doc! I'll get back to

it one of these days

Yes but....

That is only for ALL phones. I just want to change ONE phone


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Gordon,

Obviously I need a firmware upgrade

I've searched for related bugs and can't find anything that

seems to impact this feature. I'll keep looking.

Sorry man!


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