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AA: You cannot be transferred to this number. Check the number and try again


I setup a call handler for the AA and provided input option to "call system transfer", the attendant prompts for the extension number, then I hear this:               

You cannot be transferred to this number. Check the number and try again. If i try to get the user through the call handler by using directory and entering their name, i get transferred fine.

I can transfer by extension number just fine internally. and voice mail works fine.

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Could you please mention what is the option slected under call Action.


Dallan Wagner

Check the partition on the user you are trying to transfer to and verify that the CSS of the call handler has that partition in it.

If you have the box checked to inherit search space from call, go to Call Routing --> Direct Routing Rules --> Opening Greeting to see what search space will be applied.

i got it to working by deleting the * variable under restriction tables/system transfer calls/  in cisco unity.

Default Restriction Table

Default System Transfer

Restricts numbers that can be used for Caller system transfers, which allow unidentified callers to transfer to a number that they specify. For example, callers may want to dial a lobby or conference room phone that is not associated with a Unity Connection user. By default, the table does not allow Unity Connection to dial any numbers.

this was my resolution - thanks


We had this same problem too when calls were being transferred from a Cisco phone to a Unity CallHandler that had Caller Input options. If we called the extension of the Call Handler directly from a Cisco phone and selected an option from the Call Handler menu we would not have a problem, but if we received a call and then transferred that call to the extension of a Unity CallHandler the calling party was not able to select any of the Caller Input menu items. They would receive the error, "You cannot be transferred to this number. Check the number and try again." After doing quite a bit of digging by looking at Unity conversation traces, we could see that although we were pressing menu option '2', the system was receiving '22.' For some reason the DTMF tone was coming across twice. We ended up adding the following command on the CUBE on the outgoing dial-peer to the CUCM:

dtmf-interworking rtp-nte

Once we added that we would only receive a single digit '2' when we pressed the menu option.

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