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Access Role Question - Subscribing Sevices to Phones & Device Profiles

Hi There, hope someone can help out with this one.  Might be a simple fix but I can't find it.  I'm a Super User admin on CUCM and I want to grant one of my team access to subscribe services as per the title.  When I navigate to subscribe/unsubscribe services on a device, I see the 'Next' option next to 'Help':


But although this user I want to have access can open the window and see available services, the 'Next' option is missing so he cannot make any changes:


He already has access to maintain the system but I don't want to grant full Super User role.  His current groups:


Standard CCM Admin Users

Standard CCM Phone Administration

Standard CCM Route Plan Management

Standard CCM Server Maintenance

Standard CCM User Management

Standard CCM User Privilege Management


I've gone over the read/update roles and permissions but cannot see the entry needed to grant this access.  Any advice appreciated. 


Thanks Paul

Gregory Brunn

You are going to have to most likely create a custom role that you can then assign to an access control group.

The customer role or whatever you decide to do will need  the following. Tested in my lab. 

Phone Service Subscribe Page  

 read  update

Slavik Bialik
Rising star


I didn't try it myself, but it should be it I think.

Go to: User Management -> User Settings -> Role

Find a role named "Standard CCM Phone Management".

In it, you'll find a setting named "Phone Service Subscribe Page", tick the "Update" and "View" near it and save. This role is assigned to an access group called "Standard CCM Phone Administration" so it should immediately affect all users who has this privilege. If a user is already logged in, he'll have to sign out and re-login in order for it to affect him.

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