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Acquiring Never Registered Phones / NumPlan.csv


Guys, Sorry this might sound a little bit of an unusual question. I am trying to "automatically" acquire de-regsitered OR never registered handsets within the cluster. Acquiring de-registered is pretty straight forward as SNMP will give this information up. The problem is more NEVER registered handsets. So options are (so far): -

1. Do an AXL request for each of the handsets that could have been deployed (I do have a list from stock control) -or-

2. Acquire the NumPlan.csv file and review that.

Option 1 is very time consuming (I estimate 7 hours to complete the task everyday - whilst killing AXL services

Option 2 looks good, but cant get "automatically" unless someone knows a trick. What I mean is (and this might be a microsoft question) how can I acquire the file without wandering through CUCM pages. I dont know the location, and believe https no long supports username:password passing anyway?

Is there some other way (automatic reports, tftp?) that anyone knows


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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Try using the CDP protocol to acquire information from the switches where the phones are connected and then compare the data with the registered list.The two options you have mentioned are also fine.

Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately I have no access to the network so cant do CDP. Would be nice to acquire the NumPlan.csv, anyone else got any ideas? Thanks

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