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Active calls are going down in switch-over between CCMs

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I am using CCM 4.1(3) with 600 users. Ordere by highest priority is Subscriber and then Publisher.

Today, I have rebooted subscriber server in one of the issues. When I rebooted subscriber, all active calls were down and then phones automatically registered with publisher in few seconds. After that I am able to make calls. I expected phones should register with publisher without going active calls down.

When subscriber is up, active calls were again down (as connected to publisher) and phones were registered with Subscriber.

Could you please help where it went wrong? I am expecting active calls should not be impacted when switch-over is happening between Subscriber and publisher.



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It seems that you have the IP phones used by your IPCC agents registered to the publisher CallManager server and no failover CallManager is configured for them, so when you shut down the publisher, the ip phones became non functional. The ip phones are only "dummy" devices: all call processing is done on the CallManager server so, if that server is off-line and no failover server is configured, the ip phones are actually dead.

In order to configure a CallManager failover server for those ip phones, please do the following:

Open the CallManager administration page > go to the "system" menu > select "Cisco CallManager Group" > at the new displayed page, click on the link "Add a New Cisco CallManager Group" > at the "Cisco CallManager Group Configuration" page, enter a name for this new group at the field "Cisco CallManager Group" > leave the "Auto-registration Cisco CallManager Group" checkbox unchecked > under the "Available Cisco CallManagers" list, you will see your publisher and subscriber servers > using the arrows, please move first your publisher server to the "Selected Cisco CallManagers" list, then do the same for the subscriber server. Click on the "insert" button at the top of the page.